Lori Ann Ramey Stew


I love Stew, but I don’t love carrots.  Carrots make everything taste like carrots.  So I decided to make a Stew my way.  With canned Green Beans, canned Peas, and Niblets corn.  And whenever a meal has to be fixed, shall we say…differently, my friends affectionately call it “Lori Ann Ramey…Salad, or Hotdog,” etc.  So, I decided to name this Stew “Lori Ann Ramey Stew”.  Not vanity, just traditional.

And, I didn’t have any potatoes, so I made some Minute Rice and whoa!…what a great combination.



burnt bacon

How is it that something as greasy as bacon can stick to the pan when you cook it?  I decided to bake my bacon tonight (breakfast for dinner).  It never ocurred to me to grease the pan first.  There is always a surplus of grease after cooking bacon.  My challenge is normally getting it done just right.

This time I thought I had it.  I watched and nurtured that darn bacon until it looked perfect.  Then, much to my dismay, when I went to remove it from the pan…it was stuck.  Really stuck!  I was able to salvage enough for my meal.  It looked so bad I couldn’t even take a picture.  The good news is that the parts I saved tasted just fine.  I know people that would have thrown it all away simply because it didn’t look perfect.  What would you have done?

Not me.  No perfectionism here.  I had an enjoyable meal of greasy bacon bits and eggs!

Happy Wednesday ya’ll…

Food Photography

Isn’t ironic that a non-foody like me would end up as a food photographer?  I love photography and I will happily photograph just about anything.  My good friends are creating a new food website and I am helping with the photos.  I’m loving the challenge.  It’s really helped get me out of my box (cliche intended) and it is getting my sedentary creative juices flowing.

So, for the sake of honesty and clarity, please know that most of the photos you will see on this website were not created by me.  You’ll probably be able to tell the difference based on the ingredients and/or the difficulty.

No...I am not getting paid to advertise for them!