burnt bacon

How is it that something as greasy as bacon can stick to the pan when you cook it?  I decided to bake my bacon tonight (breakfast for dinner).  It never ocurred to me to grease the pan first.  There is always a surplus of grease after cooking bacon.  My challenge is normally getting it done just right.

This time I thought I had it.  I watched and nurtured that darn bacon until it looked perfect.  Then, much to my dismay, when I went to remove it from the pan…it was stuck.  Really stuck!  I was able to salvage enough for my meal.  It looked so bad I couldn’t even take a picture.  The good news is that the parts I saved tasted just fine.  I know people that would have thrown it all away simply because it didn’t look perfect.  What would you have done?

Not me.  No perfectionism here.  I had an enjoyable meal of greasy bacon bits and eggs!

Happy Wednesday ya’ll…


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