About photomessages

I am a professional assistance dog trainer with a passion for photography. The combination go well together. I'm not much of a foodie, but I love the creative process that goes hand in hand with taking pictures of it. My blogs are a place to hopefully provide a chuckle or an 'awww'. I hope you enjoy them!

Lori Ann Ramey Stew


I love Stew, but I don’t love carrots.  Carrots make everything taste like carrots.  So I decided to make a Stew my way.  With canned Green Beans, canned Peas, and Niblets corn.  And whenever a meal has to be fixed, shall we say…differently, my friends affectionately call it “Lori Ann Ramey…Salad, or Hotdog,” etc.  So, I decided to name this Stew “Lori Ann Ramey Stew”.  Not vanity, just traditional.

And, I didn’t have any potatoes, so I made some Minute Rice and whoa!…what a great combination.