Beverage Photography

l have been enjoying the challenge of food photography.  Using natural light is great when you have it.  It’s very very shady here, so I’ve purchased and learned how to use artificial lights to avoid the harsh shadows and to highlight the pretty colors, etc.

Then I started trying to photograph beverages.  Woah, what a different challenge.  The artificial lights leave harsh reflections on the glass that are way to big to fix in post production (photoshop…is my best friend).  I spent some time with a professional photographer who explained that I needed to use flash for beverages.  Ugg…I have been very resistant to learning remote flash.  It just sounded too technical.  Turns out it’s actually quite fun.  It’s not easy and I have tons to learn with it.  I’ve only tried it twice, but am looking forward to more.  I think if I can get really good at it, I may have a niche!  We will see.

Here is my second attempts at Sangria and red wine…



And just for fun…playing with photoshop…



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