Z Pizza

Like so many hard-working humans, lunch is normally a fast food affair.  Usually it’s a burger from The Habit.  My second choice is a little sidewalk cafe type place called “Z Pizza”.  (It’s a food chain) As far as pizza goes, it’s healthier and has fewer calories.  Apparently this has been proven in the press.  I’d be untruthful if I said that was why I eat there.  The fact is that my friend, a healthy eater and a vegetarian, loves the pizza there.  And I must say it truly is enjoyable.  I’m even learning to love the thin crust.  The people are friendly, the service is quick, and the price is great.  Two large slices and a soda for approximately $7.00.  What more could you possibly want?

Z Pizza on Lindero Canyon!  If you are in the area (and you know what area I’m referring to), I highly recommend them.


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